Keeping Cool (and Warm and Lit) with C. Albert Matthews

There’s an old saying in Easton, MD, Cambridge, MD, Saint Michaels, MD, Trappe, MD, Denton, MD, and Centreville, MD: “A weather for every town and a utility for every weather”. It’s not exactly Shakespeare but if you live here you know exactly what it means. Season changes here are about as predictable as a plumber’s union meeting!

Gearing up for the Seasons

That’s exactly why C. Albert Matthews is the superhero this town didn’t know it needed. Be it blazing heat or bone-chilling cold, his Plumbing, Heating & Cooling powers handle all with a chuckle. Just when there’s enough sunshine to consider investing in a bulk order of sunscreen, immense cold waves swoop down. Enter Super Matthews to calibrate your heating amidst snowy blizzards, and cooling during epic heatwaves.

Not Just Comfort, But Safety Too!

But wait! It’s not just about Plumbing, Heating and Cooling. This jack of all trades, master of a whole bunch, happens to also provide the quintessential Electrical Service. From fixing power outages in a jiffy to ensuring that your AC Service doesn’t experience ‘shocking’ interruptions, C. Albert Matthews is the hero we didn’t ask for, but sure glad we got!