Ensuring Year-Round Comfort with Welzig Heating & Air

At Welzig Heating & Air, we pride ourselves on providing top-tier HVAC service in Longmont, CO, heating service in Boulder, CO, and furnace maintenance in Lafayette, CO. Our commitment to client comfort has fostered a reputation for reliability and expertise.

An example of our commitment can be illustrated in a recent project in a residential home in Boulder, CO. The homeowner was dealing with inconsistent heating, resulting in discomfort during the winter months. Their furnace was outdated, leading to not only decreased efficiency, but also a potential safety risk. Our team of experienced technicians quickly identified the issue and recommended a furnace replacement. Thanks to a thorough consultation and a transparent discussion of the replacement process, the homeowner felt confident and entrusted us with the task.

We replaced the old furnace with a higher efficiency model, ensuring not only improved comfort but also significant energy savings. After our heating service was completed, the Boulder-based home was warm and comfortable, even during the harshest winter nights. This case exemplifies the professionalism, customer-focused approach, and expertise you can expect from Welzig Heating & Air. Contact us for all your heating and cooling needs.